Modern ear demands new things and new design, so old bulky bike helmet designs are not in demand. That’s why two British designers have designed a Flipchip type helmets. Not only that, but with the help of recycled ocean plastic Cyclo tech comes up with Cyclo foldable bike helmets. The Cyclo is worn like a normal helmet, although a shell-less and foam-less one when the cyclist is on the road.

They also claim it’s the first genuinely packable helmet. Due to their unique ‘flipclip’ system that allows you to collapse the middle of the helmet and reattach when you need to use it.

Cyclo Foldable Bike Helmet

Coming to the foldability aspect, when rider needs to pack it in bag, he just needs to press the button and then it will be folded. This releases an internal mechanism, which allows the top “dome” part of the helmet to swivel around laterally. After that it nests upside-down within the helmet’s bottom section.

So, after that it occupies the les space. When the user wants to get riding again, they just flip the dome back up, and it locks into place. Once the helmet reaches production, it should reportedly surpass EU and US safety standards.

According to the company, they have plans for the Cyclo to be the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, launching on June 26th.  The starting price will be £25 (about US$32) for each helmet.