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Well the race for smaller with unique design electric cars by automakers is going on. Every automaker is coming up with smaller, affordable and customizable stylish cars. Therefore, Fiat has launched its new EV concept called as Fiat’s Centoventi means 120. On Fiat’s 120th anniversary, the Centoventi also offers 120 different accessories. And the vast majority of them could be purchased online and installed at home.

Fiat’s Centoventi It’s also the first fully-electric version by the automaker. And they said that it has been following for years now, most notably with the Fiat 500.

Fiat’s Centoventi

While talking about the design, the interior of Fiat’s Centoventi is based on one-piece dashboard. This features a system of holes to which a number of accessories can be palced. Centoventi’s instrument panel also comes in one configuration making the smartphone the heart of the system and a more conventional option with a second integrated display. But following the design, it gives the remembrance or moreover a design of Fiat’s early vehicle.

Coming to the inside, Fiat’s Centoventi has doors just like the refrigerator doors, equipped with new pockets, speakers. The seats are with the interchangeable cushions and head restraints. And they are 3D knit recycled yarn fabric and a lightweight plastic structure which is replaceable with storage box or seat for child.

Customers will also have their choice of four roofs, four bumpers, four wheel covers and four external wrappings. Fiat says, “In particular, the wrapping can be performed by any dealer at any time, when requested by the customer. The operation is very fast, courtesy of the remarkably linear and flat exterior surfaces, and low cost.”

For Among roof configurations, one option would integrate a solar panel. According to Fiat, the “50 Watts generated by the solar panel will keep the car cool when it is parked and will power the innovative digital display arranged under the tailgate which closes the rear volume.”

While for the EV concept, the customization extends to the concept’s battery, with standard 100 km (62 miles) factory-mounted battery.  Not only that, there is an option for Fiat’s Centoventi is that you can add another three batteries as well. And each will increase the range 100 km more and another battery can be mounted under the seat, bringing the total range to 500 km (311 miles).