When many companies are making their digital devices in such manner that it catches the people interest. So, is the case of the Garmin Golf GPS device the Approach G80. This latest global positioning device Garmin G80 is designed to help the users to improve their golf game. The Garmin wanted to enable golf matches with players who are nowhere near a course. Garmin latest GPS golf device brings advanced metrics and game modes.

There are new gaming modes, such as Virtual Tournament and Target Practice. These modes let you play on well-known worldwide courses and improve your game by hitting specific targets.

Garmin Approach G80

Garmin Approach G80 is a finest handheld that merges GPS technology with built-in launch monitor capabilities. This device is there to calculate advanced swing metrics, and also introduces new gaming options as well. And these gaming options are going to make the golfing experience even more entertaining for veterans and newcomers.

The Approach G80 golf GPS includes new game modes, including a Virtual Tournament option that pits you against players at the driving range and at home on recreations of famous courses. The Approach G80 has a 3.5 inch sunlight-readable color touch-screen display and a battery that lasts up to 15 hours with active GPS. But If the user is looking for simpler contests, a one- or two-player Target Practice mode can help you improve your accuracy.

The G80 is useful when you’re on the real green, of course. It adds launch monitoring capabilities that can track the speeds of the ball and club head, the estimated distance, swing tempo and even the “smash factor.” You can touch specific points on the screen to get precise yardage and help you make better club choices. The PinPointer option works like a compass to easily guide users to the green during challenging blind shots.