The world is getting more and more tech innovative and transports means becomes smarter and smarter. Now the transportation by self driving car is not only limited to carry humans. Rather this time driverless cars called as Cleveron Lotte will deliver goods or parcels to people as well. The Cleveron has changed the shaped of delivery with Cleveron delivery cars. So, the technology has replaced the ways of delivering goods as well.

Cleveron technologies, with Walmart’s online pickup service have unveiled a self-driving robotic courier named Lotte. It means the Cleveron future robot courier has changed the traditional package delivery for businesses and consumers as well.

Cleveron Lotte

The Lotte, designed by Estonia-based technology firm Cleveron, is among the only self-driving delivery vehicles that can complete deliveries without any human intervention. Instead of hoping that the courier will reach the door at the time allowed, the robotic courier can deliver the shipment to the customer’s needs, according to the customer’s needs.

Cleveron CEO Arno Kutt said, “Since the robot courier will replace human labor, which makes the last mile delivery cheaper. This in turn helps e-commerce grow even more — it will be less expensive (we eliminate labor costs) and extremely convenient (the parcels are waiting for you safely in your own parcel locker).”

The Cleveron Lotte or robot has a self-driving design, loaded with deliveries and sent out for deliveries or parcel deliveries.  Well when it arrives at the desired and given destination, the robot can place the delivery into the mailbox. It will be done with an integrated arm or the recipient can pick it manual as well from this robotic car as well.