Speed, passion and thrill are what, a daring young man always dream for in his life, not only these but he also feels for style and beauty which makes him look as an eye catcher. When it comes to two-wheel machine ride that is a bike; if you want to sum up all; it means Harley-Davidson.

Since 1903 to till date, Harley-Davidson became a Romance or for crazy and for enthusiastic bike rider he would say it a “Girl Friend”.

Bike riders are always passionate and choosy about the bike which they’re going to chose for their ride regarding its speed, style, handling, road grip, sound and beauty of throttle, which makes them look sexy.

For more than 100 years of excellence in their manufacturing and producing quality bikes, H-D is now unveiling new trends and technologies in motorcycle industry beside all their traditional previous besties and beasts, as known for their choppers and cruise style bike with noisy and heavy engines.

Harley-Davidson is launching its new Electric prototype bikes LiveWire in 2019, as part of their program “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” growth plan. After they have successfully introduced their test model of electric motor bikes in 2014 which were tested by real riders across the world. These new series of electric bikes are part of Harley-Davidson growth plan till 2022; H-D will have more electric bikes with passion to become the leader in the field of electrification of the sport.

The experience of introducing and testing the electric bike 2014, came up with more than positive reactions and feedback, which proved that these electric bikes are more dynamically competent, really have a great adventure experience and fun to ride, such sort of healthy and positive tests result motivated the Harley-Davidson to announce the launch of their first electric LiveWire Prototype motorbikes in 2019 officially.

The Harley-Davidson is determined and confident regarding giving more access of their product to catch and inspire the new generation riders, with new style and technology in Moto-World.

The CEO of the company Matt Levatich said, “The bold actions we are announcing today leverage Harley-Davidson’s vast capabilities and competitive firepower – our excellence in product development and manufacturing, the global appeal of the brand and of course, our great dealer network.”

While talking about the LiveWire, the company is very sensitive, yet keen as well as passionate about its manufacturing and launching, as the Harley-Davidson is very enthusiastic and has plan to have more EV bikes that would help them to bring in the new riders and to attract the new generation, as the company says “broaden the portfolio with lighter, smaller and even more accessible product options to inspire new riders with new ways to ride”.

The LiveWire prototype electric motorbike has been hailed as a “the first in broad, with no clutch, twist and go,” besides the LiveWire model there are two more models which will be launched by Harley-Davidson that said to be the lighter, dirt–bike style model and an odd and moped style bikes in 2022.

The specifications of new two-wheel LiveWire Electric motorbike have been yet to be known regarding its engine type, it’s RPM range, speed, weight and other features but despite that H-D is optimistic regarding the capital that they will spent in this technology as said by the chief financial officer of Harley Davidson that company is planning to spend $25 million to round about $50 million per annum on this electric motorbike technology.