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Well it’s strange though not that strange, but a new burger arrives with the name of impossible burger 2.0. Earlier the impossible burger has already made its point, but what is new this burger. Well, the secret is “vegetable beef’, with no actual beef in it, this is the secret. Impossible Foods showed off its new plant-based ground beef replacement by offering a selection of foods from traditional sliders to the ambitious foodies.

According to the company, the new burger has no gluten and taste is closer to real meat than ever before. The goal for Impossible Foods is to lessen the environmental impact of beef production on the planet. That’s because cattle farming is resource hungry.

Impossible Burger 2.0

The impossible burger 2.0 does not have the real meat, the main difference from earlier is that it is less fatty. The Burger 2.0 product has 14 grams of fat and 240 calories in a single serving. On the other hand, Impossible food also said that the Burger 2.0 has the same amount of bio-available iron and protein as of meat. According to company, the levels of amino acids are “at least on-par” with typical ground beef and, in some cases, exceed what real meat can offer.

The other difference is that, the new Impossible Burger 2.0 is made with soy protein instead of wheat protein. It gives it a “meaty chew and versatile texture” that’ll make it ideal not just as a burger, but also as a main ingredient in any ground meat dish.

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown said, “Unlike the cow, we get better at making meat every single day. “We have figured out an entirely new approach to making meat that gives us the ability to deliberately control and make improvements in flavor, texture, juiciness, appearance, cooking properties, shelf life, handling, cost of production, nutrition — you name it.”