The Japanese automaker has launches its next stage adorable looking and evolutionary Honda E prototype. Honda launched this electric small car in 2017 but this year company has updated the Honda urban EV prototype to E prototype. Not only car but Honda has also released the first technical details of the car’s powertrain.

Honda E Prototype has an advanced charging port; it is included centrally in the bonnet for ease of use from either side of the car. Alongside that it got LED lighting can be seen through the glass cover about charging status.

Honda E Prototype

The Design

The Honda E Prototype initiates a second set of doors, providing uniqueness. Coming to the interior of this lovely looking car, it is equipped with superior technology. Rather, the interior has big space cabin which gives the feel of a comfortable lounge.-the seats are sofa style, while the fabric and other tangible materials often found in modern homes.

The seats use sofa fabric to add some uniqueness. While, he dashboard is almost entirely screen, with information displayed in front of both driver and passenger. At the corners are additional screens to display what the Camera Mirror System sees on either side. There are physical buttons for the climate controls, just above USB, HDMI and AC power ports. The tiny center console holds the push-button shifter.

On the outside, the black panels with unique curved profiles at the front and rear are important design pattern. The sole and challenging attention to detail of the round light clusters enhances the overall simple, clean design.

The Electrification

Honda said that Honda E Prototype will allow the passengers with the range of over 200 km (124 miles) ride. Besides that, the E type has extremely fast charging functionality of 80 percent battery charge in 30 minutes. Riding on the, the driving dynamics will focus on providing a ride with emotional and fun. With Honda E Prototype you will have the powerful electric motor drive through rear wheels for next-generation small-car performance.