It’s good news for the sports lover and adventurer. Now you can hit any terrain with Honda’s Latest UTV is a High-Tech Terrain. This UTV vehicle has 4 seats, lots of features and fun for the ride. Honda has the perfect desert demon to help you rip through the sand this summer. Get behind the wheel of the monster 2020 Honda Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve UTV and posses the power to conquer any terrain.

As a category, they’re absolutely hysterical fun to drive. The vehicle is truly incredible go-anywhere capabilities that turn just about any terrain into a playground.

Honda UTV High-Tech Terrain

The Talon 1000X-4 comes in two flavors: plain and Fox Live Valve. In essence, both are extended versions of the Talon 1000X, which is more focused on tight, gnarly work than the higher-speed 1000R. The extended frame allows a pair of stadium-style rear seats, which lift the passengers in the back up higher for better visibility.

Besides that, driver can choose between Normal and Sport mode and can enjoy the unrivaled handling, incredible high-speed tracking, and minimum body roll. This model also comes with an electronic Launch Mode for blazing-fast, full-throttle acceleration off the line. The savage UTV is powered by a 999c liquid-cooled Unicam parallel-twin engine mated to a six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission.

On the hand, Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve features high-tech electronic suspension that literally adjusts itself to terrain and driving input on the fly, for an incredible ride and unmatched handling. This vehicle also comes standard with electronic Launch Mode for lightning-quick getaways from a dead stop.

The novelty of this suspension setup lies in its ability to crunch data sent in by a handful of sensors to an ECU – think of it as the suspension’s brain. The ECU then accordingly adjusts the shocks on all four corners up to 16 times per second, depending on the selected drive mode – Normal or Sport. Honda says that this translates into an “incredible ride and unmatched handling, with minimal body roll.”