Becoming stronger and stronger is something that a lot of people get obsessed with. But the reality is that with the right diet and with a good set of workouts you can get some amazing results. With that in mind, here you have some great, helpful tips.

Jump rope exercises

It may not seem that manly, but the jump rope is one of the best ways to get stronger. The best way to boost your strength here is to make sure that you minimize the ground contact time. Do as many jumps as you can in a short amount of time, and the results can be very good. Do at least 50 per turn if you can. But if you can do more, don’t stop there.

Hurdle Hops

This one is a bit more challenging because you don’t have a lot of lateral motions. You can jump with a single leg, or you can go with both legs if you can. Ideally, you want to vary the workouts as much as you can, and the results can be very good due to that.

Power skips

You will like this workout because you get to skip quite a lot and you also get to have your knees close to your chest. Just like many of the workouts presented here, the idea is to stay in the air as much time as you can, as that’s how you can obtain the best possible experience and results!

Med Ball Slams and Throws

The reason why a med ball is so good for strength training is because it pushes your limits all the time. It requires you to work on your chest, and it also encourages your body to generate more muscle mass. From here to having more muscles and being healthy, it will be one single step. Slams are better if you want a more impactful approach, but med ball throws are just as good.

Clap pushups

These are a classic workout that works super well. You just have to perform the standard pushup, but right when you are completing it, you clap your hands. It’s a very good pushup method that works extremely well, and it can do wonders all the time due to that.


When you try to do bounds, make sure that you opt for some oversized strides. The idea is to stay in the air as much as you can. When you do reach the ground, make sure that you push yourself up again very fast and with a lot of power. That will help you immensely with your strength training.

There’s no certain amount of repeats you should do here. However, it’s important to repeat the workout as many times as you can. Just try to do it until you feel you can’t do anymore. That will help you increase your strength and push yourself to new limits naturally, which is exactly what you need. Remember, achieving the ultimate strength isn’t about any magic or immediate solutions. It will take time, commitment and hard work. But you will be more than impressed with the results; you can rest assured of it!

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