Well, for men the ultimate thing is the fitness. Because, until and unless you don’t burn your fats and calories, you can’t work. So, men tend to workout in gyms and do other exercise to remain fit. Coming to the fitness, HIIT, which is high intensity interval training, is the best option. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. According to fitness experts, there are different body work points to the fact that not all cardio is created equal. And that is why it’s important to choose a form of cardio that meets your goals.

While, talking about HIIT, it burns both visible fat and the visceral kind that constricts your organs. Besides that it also preserves muscle mass, which can be cannibalized by steady, constant stamina exercise.

HIIT Treadmill Workout

eel, there are many HIIT workout, but we will talking about the easiest exercise and that is HIIT treadmill workout. On the other hand, HIIT also improves fitness, cardiovascular health, and cholesterol profile. Not only that but as well as insulin sensitivity. Well, HIIT is well-organized than other forms of exercise at effectively stopping ageing at the cellular level by maintaining production of proteins. It is basically exercise for your energy-releasing mitochondria, and releasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Therefore, doing it will protects the nerve cells and promotes new connections or plasticity, which is very essential for learning and memory.

For this workout, there are some pre-things as well. Experts says that there’s a four-minute warm-up built in. besides that there should be some active stretches such as leg swings, heel flicks and striders before firing up the treadmill. For HIIT treadmill workout, initially user needs to walk for 2 to 4 miles of speed for 1 minute on treadmill. After that, take the incline back to 0 per cent and make a faster speed to a jog at 5-7mph for three minutes. Gradually speed up for the rest of the warm-up.


During intervals, speed range for the high-intensity parts is 7-9mph. During the recovery periods, you can either walk (2-4mph), jog (5-6mph). After that, you need to reduce your speed to 2-4mph and walk for 1 minute to bring your heart rate back down from the ceiling. It says, “Make sure you end with a minimum of 2 minutes of static stretching”. Make this process for 30 minutes.