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It seems that electrification of vehicles and transport means is the ultimate goal this century. Alongside other companies, Human Horizons launches its luxury electric SUV, HiPhi 1. This is the first SUV, which is equipped with the latest technology. Well, this has the vehicle-to-everything communications and has some serious automobile engineering associated with it. The HiPhi 1 is equipped with more than 500 sensors and AI capabilities to communicate with vehicles, infrastructure and the internet.

According to the new company, this car is “a human-oriented philosophy and applies human-centric intelligence to advance the transformation of future human mobility”.

Human Horizons HiPhi 1

Besides many other innovations, it captures the imagination. The carmaker executes a classy marketing production that shows off thoughtful design highlights. It includes multi-bulb front and rear lights that can light individually, and LED arrows to indicate doors opening.

The company says that it will be the first model from what is supposed to become a full brand. It is being pitched well above any of China’s other native EV makers, in terms of both brand aspiration and size. SUV is 5.2 meters long, accommodating up to six passengers in three rows. While, coming to its outlook, door and other things, the seats will all be power operated and able to slide into different configurations. On the other hand, the exterior doors also being electrically operated and without door handles. Besides that, for security user will unlock the car with either an app or face recognition.

Meanwhile, the back doors are rear hinged, with the gullwing flaps in the roof operating to improve access; both opening at the same time is described by HH as being a “superstar” setting. Besides that there are 18 sensors to ensure that the rear doors always has space to safely deploy and that nothing gets trapped in their operation. It also had lights including LED panels. And that is capable of both showing different light graphics front and rear, but also of displaying characters as well.

The Power

The Human Horizons says that the prototype reportedly has a 96kW/h battery. And it will have a range of up to 600km on the (generally optimistic) NEDC testing protocol.  While, talking about the power, the SUV takes power from a 200kW Bosch motor with a single-speed reduction gear.

Whereas, the rear-wheel drive will be standard, with an all-wheel drive version using a second identical motor to turn the front axle. Thus, this makes an AWD HiPhi 1 to hit the mark from 0-100km/h in just 3.9-seconds.