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As more and more electronic vehicles are making its way to the market, thus changing the transportation trend in the world. But for the electric vehicle, the most important feature is its batter. Keeping in mind that thing, Hyundai is refreshing its Ioniq line-up with the hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric models all getting design tweaks and new features. Hyundai’s Ioniq EV is bigger battery and allows better connectivity as well. So, it says bigger the battery, better the mileage.

Hyundai has announced the European version of the Ioniq Electric will get a larger battery and more range. The current car has a 28 kWh battery and an EPA range of 124 miles.

Hyundai’s Ioniq EV

According to Hyundai, A 36 percent storage capacity increase could boost the range to 183 miles. The EV in particular will get a larger, 38.3 kWh battery packs that have 36 percent more storage capacity than its predecessor. Under the WLTP standard, Hyundai’s target range for the EV is 294 kilometers (183 miles).

However, that’s a noteworthy hit from the current EPA range of 124 miles. With a 100 kW fast charging station, Hyundai says the battery can reach 80 percent charge in 54 minutes. The EV’s motor is getting a boost too, as it’ll have 134 horsepower, up from the current 118 horsepower.

In addition to the larger battery, the Hyundai’s Ioniq EV will get a more powerful motor, 134 horsepower versus 118. On the other hand, T=torque will remain the same at 218 foot-pounds. The onboard charger will also get a bit stronger 7.2 kW versus 6.6 kW. A full charge using a 100 kW charger will take 50 minutes, Hyundai says. No pricing details have been released as of yet.

Enhanced Connectivity

Initially, only three models will have a new front bumper design whiles the LED head. Besides that the taillights have been repaired to make them more visible at night. Hyundai has also refreshed the interiors with more trim and seat fabric options.  It has now much improved; heating, ventilation and AC have touch controls, and the console display.

It offers voice recognition in six languages. The Multi-Bluetooth function will allow you connect two phones at the same time to play music from them through your car’s audio system. The cars offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, while you’ll be able to customize widgets on the optional Audio Video Navigation infotainment system.