Well, besides all the exercises and muscle building, stamina is the ultimate thing. And how healthy and strong you are but of you don’t have stamina, you can’t work long. Thus, for this, improve your breathing and increase lung power. But the question us how?  There are some simple techniques and exercises you need to follow. On the other hand, respiratory muscles work nonstop, so they don’t have the luxury of taking a break. Although the act of breathing is automatic, you can improve upon the system. Besides all, breathing through nose has lots of benefits.

Experts say that you need to use some techniques or breathing exercises. And these exercises are of vital important. How they are important and what are those techniques? Here are some of them.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Among the other breathing techniques, Diaphragmatic breathing, or “belly breathing,” engages the diaphragm, which is supposed to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to breathing. Besides that, this technique is mainly helpful in people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD, as the diaphragm isn’t as effective in these individuals and could be strengthened. The technique best used when feeling rested.

Pursed-lips Breathing

While, this technique is simple and effective, pursed-lips breathing can slow down your breathing, reducing the work of breathing by keeping your airways open longer. This makes it easier for the lungs to function and improves the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Besides that, it is for beginners than diaphragmatic breathing, and you can do it at home even if no one has showed you how. It can be practiced at any time. To practice it, simply breathe in through your nose and breathe out at least twice as long through your mouth, with pursed lips.

Deep Breathing

While, coming to deep breathing, this tech is associated with martial arts, but not its part. Every-man can do that, when you are taking deep breaths, your stomach should push outward first. So, if you do that, your chest should rise. The focus is on causing your stomach to push out when you inhale. When you push the breath out, your stomach should collapse toward your backbone. Exhaling is just as important as inhaling, as breathing out properly will flush out toxins, such as carbon dioxide. Besides that, while doing it, make sure that sure you’re sitting or standing tall, engaging your core muscles for the best results. Else, it relaxes you heart rate, allows you to calm down and stabilizes or lower your blood pressure.