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The 2020 Jeep Gladiator was already pretty remarkable, convertible pickups with removable doors and windshields are rare beasts.  But the truck is getting even weirder. The automaker has turned the Gladiator into six different concepts for the Moab Easter Jeep Safari and among them is Jeep Five-Quarter. Jeep Five-Quarter is a “Pesto-Mod” of an original 1968 Jeep M-715, the military vehicle based on the first Gladiator truck.

This concept is based on an original 1968 Gladiator pickup produced for the U.S. military. Jeep completely re-innovate the design with modern tech and engineering to create a seriously intimidating pickup.

Jeep Five-Quarter

The Five-Quarter Jeep model has a carbon-fiber front end replaces the front fascia, while the bed is redone in aluminum. The 6-foot-long bed is completely custom made and includes wood slats and water jet-cut panels. On the other hand, the convertible top is cut down by 3.5 inches.

Coming inside, Wrangler seats without headrests for a low-back look and water jet-cut aluminum trim makes up the instrument panel and door panels. As if the pickup was short on cool touches, a vintage 8-71 supercharger serves as the casing for the transmission and transfer case shifters.

Keeping with the restomod motif, with HID headlights and LED taillights provide more light than the originals, and LED auxiliary lights better light the trail ahead.

Specifically, the engine, the Jeep Five-Quarter has supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcrate HEMI V8 engine. This engine delivers in excess of 700 horsepower. Jeep and Mopar route that through a heavy-duty link/coil suspension system. They have replaced the original leaf springs, to 20-inch deadlock wheels with 40-inch rubber.