This era is the era of Virtual and augmented reality and companies are coming up with new devices for that. So, once again, Jeri Ellsworth has tried the earlier idea, and introduced a pair of lightweight AR glasses called Tilt Five. These glasses project their light onto a reflective game board, allowing the user to play 3D board games, video games and interactive Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. The Tilt Five glasses will be the lightest on the market, coming in at around 85 grams. Besides that glasses have a 110-degree field of view, and players will be able to look at their game characters up close.

Basically it is focused on building an AR system that creates amazing tabletop gaming experiences. The company has started a campaign on Kickstarter with price of $229.

Tilt Five AR Glasses

According to the details, The glasses project 3D holographic images in front of your eyes, and that makes it feel like you’re seeing a virtual layer on top of the real world. It gives you feeling that you are immersed in to virtual world. During her recent interview, Jeri Ellsworth said, “We got crashed into the ground really hard, but the core team knew it was a good product. So I and some other folks pulled our money together and then got to work. We were not ready to let it go. A group of us went to negotiate to get the content back. It was an unfortunate situation.”

On the other hand, Tilt Five glasses and look at the game board, a vibrant 3D world opens up to you. Suddenly chasms seem to drop infinitely into your table, and game characters and monsters spring up from the game board.  his is gaming unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Microsoft HoloLens said that the Tilt Five glasses don’t need fancy wave-guides and micro-mirrors to direct their light to your eyes like. Instead, they have tiny HD projectors that fire towards a retro reflective surface, and  the same way a stop sign catches your car’s headlights; that light bounces right back to you, where the glasses filter it into stereo 3D image.