Well this year, many companies come up with electric bike, as more and more demand is coming out. The demand for ebikes increases rapidly because of its affordability, easy to access and drive, lost cost, easy to ride and fuel efficient. So, more and more are now using ebikes for their urban city travel. There are many electric bikes are available in the market but you can’t compare with Luna X-1 Enduro ebike.

The powerful electric bike has 2,000 watts of “Ludicrous mode” power out of its chunky Bafang mid-drive motor. This Luna electric bike has a carbon fiber full suspension electric mountain bike.

Luna X-1 Enduro ebike

Luna Cycle is not a new name in making high power electric bicycles. But for its first proper enduro-style ebike, company is keen to squeeze some full-on performance specs into a super-lightweight carbon-framed machine. Besides that it is with enough high-end components to be trail-ready out of the box, but with a conservative enough look to pass for something legal on the bike path.

The California-based electric bicycle company always comes up with ebikes that are stylish and different from other ebikes designs.  The battery, a 14.5 ah / 750 watt-hour removable unit that uses Panasonic GA cells, is nicely slotted into the bike’s downtube. Range is claimed to be in the vicinity of 30-40 miles (50-65 km), provided you’re pedaling and not leaning on the throttle the whole way.

While other companies were rolling out cookie cutter Bosch-powered e-bikes, Luna has brought us crazy two-wheelers like the 45 mph (72 km/h) and 6,000 W Sur Ron and the hipster-spec single speed Luna Fixed. Their latest e-bike, the X-1 Enduro is a shot across the bow of expensive downhill e-bikes like Haibike and Specialized LEVOs.

While coming to the technical details, the bike is equipped with extreme performance. Besides that user will have the standard 750 W mode, Luna offers a “Ludicrous Mode” option that bumps up power to 2,000 W. The 750 W options include a hand throttle, while the 2,000 W option is pedal-assist only. There’s also a 300 W “Granny Mode” option and others. The X-1 FS Enduro is available in four frame sizes, 15.5″, 17.5″ 19.5″ and 21″.