Luna Cycle is more commonly known for its high power, high-speed electric bikes. Now it’s offered something completely new: a stealthy electric fixed-style bike. The new Luna Fixed e-bike is combination of quality parts and low price. It says that the standard and equations just keep looking better and better for Luna.

Well in this expensive world, the electric bikes are pretty much in business. Especially for those people who lives in the busy cities with massive traffic. So these e-bikes not only save money but time as well.

Luna’s Fixed E-Bike

The electric company is among the famous companies of e-bikes manufacturers. The Luna Fixed is a fixed gear styled electric bike. For the uninitiated, fixed gear bikes are generally minimalist frames lacking cable clutter and have their pedal input rigidly connected to the rear wheel. So, if the wheels are moving, the pedals re moving too.

The Luna Fixed offers a very 21st-century twist. A 400 W mid-drive motor and 250 Wh battery are both hidden in the 6061 aluminum frame of the unassuming bike. But there are two catches. The first is in that down-tube batteries pack. At 36 V and 7 Ah it offers only 250 watt-hours of energy storage

On the other hand, the motor uses torque sensing as opposed to pace sensing it just feels like your legs are super strong. That turns the Luna Fixed into a potent commuting machine without the bulk found in many other e-bikes. In fact, the bike weighs in at just 39 lb (17.7 kg). That might not be the lightest electric bike in the world, but it sure is light.