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After its tank version, the Rezvani’s Tank SUV was fabulous and strong as a complement to their Beast supercar. Now they’ve come up with new Rezvani Tank Military Edition. This latest edition is simply mind-blowing. It got the thick B7-level armor, Kevlar covering on its warmer, battery, and fuel tank, and a bombproof undercarriage, is basically a giant with beauty.

It says that it has been born from the dream of a pure driving experience; the Rezvani Tank is designed to be the most talented vehicle on and off the road. The company claims that this machine is built for defense, is there for the roads and the Toughest moving SUV on Earth.

The Beast with the Beauty

This beast has come with two optional engines specification according to the need. First is a powerful 6.4-liter 500-horsepower V8 engine, while the other is an optional 6.2L 707 Horsepower V8 from the Dodge Hellcat capable to propel TANK over any territory.

The latest in ballistic armor level 7 has a capacity to intercept high caliber weapons and assault rifles. The radiator, battery and fuel tank are all wrapped in Kevlar. Beside upper part the underside is also sheltered against explosive devices.

This SUV has smoke screen to the driver at the push of a button to make the tracker lose. The giant has magnetic dead-bolts and electrified door handles offer maximum security against forceful access. It is specially built for the most intense off-road and on road circumstances. It got the most powerful front and rear blinding lights turn night into day and serve to blind trackers at night. With stylishly appointed and customized interior has capacity of 10 seating capacity. Besides that it has military grade gas masks, with hypothermia kit and First Aid kit, sirens, strobe lights, and equipped with full intercom system and external speakers.  With all this muscular SUV has microphone, which helps the driver to talk with external threats without opening door and window. The other feature, it has thermal night vision system from FLIR displays, heat signatures as well as standard night vision.