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What the first thing comes in mind, when someone says, “MATE e bike”, definitely everyone will say, “From Copenhagen with Pedal-Love”. Mat X is the coolest, small wheel electric bike of the world. The make and designed is purely assembled on the love for pedal. Well the MATE X is the newest member which is born in the MATE family. This bike is bigger, with more control and certainly makes an impression.

The MATE Says, this e-bike has real X factor, it’s got it, the affordability, its look and definitely an attitude. It is built to let you push your limits: Go ahead and venture off the beaten path. It’s your ride to ultimate freedom. MATE X is much more than an upgrade. It’s a completely new bike.

Get, Set and Go

The new MATE X is arrived in the e-bike world with an innovated and more powerful motor of 750W, which is combined with an inspiring 48V battery and controller across all models. Thus this combination makes this e-bike with considerably increased torque with big WOW feel.

The new Mate X e-bike has made the impression with in three different variations, the 250, the 250+, and the ultimate 750. The earlier models, with each feature a 250-watt motor that pushes the bike to travel with the speed of 25 kmh or 15.5 Mph while the main difference between them, is the size of the battery. The 250 version has comes with an 11 amp-hour battery, with battery range of 55Km or 35 Miles. But the 250+ equipped with a 14 amp-hour power cell instead. The result is an increased range, taking the bike from 55 miles or 80 km with a single charge. While 750 does have the same battery and same mileage but can hit the road with 32 km/h or 20 M/h.

Besides that, company has geared up this e-bike by introducing a Shimano 8-speed cassette with improved easy-gear shifting. The new computer display is equipped with a backlit LED as standard. The foldable pedals are an entirely new design packaged in a levers and calipers, for quicker, more competent stopping power. Other than this MATE X also offers the hydraulic braking systems for smoother brake that need less braking force.

These three models have number of similar features, like a built-in cycling computer for measuring distance, battery life. The bikes also come with disc brakes, changeable suspension, included a smartphone holder, a USB charging port, and a Shimano 8-speed cassette gear system. While the Mate X is also equipped with puncture-resistant all-terrain tires, an aluminum frame, and the choice to attach a variety of accessories, including fenders, a rear-mounted cargo rack, and an integrated thumb throttle.  While the price ranges from $799 to $999.