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In the race of better performance based fast cars, every automaker is trying to beat its competitor. Recently the new McLaren Senna HPE1000 from Hennessey Performance is added to supercars list of McLaren motors. This new Senna is an exciting looking race car with advanced technology and modern design. Well it not a simple job to take the McLaren Senna to modify it with Hennessey Performance.

The McLaren Senna was launched in 2018 and now it has upgrades to McLaren Senna HPE1000, for Hennessey Performance. It means it will run even faster on the tracks.

McLaren Senna HPE1000

Earlier the McLaren Senna is among the fastest track cars, as its acceleration time is extreme. The car hits the 62mph in 2.8secs and 186mph in just 18.5. It’s just a pure madness to drive the vehicle. Before the Hennessey Performance it has 789hp engines now it turns in to 1000hp.

The McLaren Senna HPE1000 feature high-flow air filters, intercooler system upgrade, twin turbo system, and stainless steel exhaust improvements. It has an extra attention through a Motec engine management system and transmission system upgrade.

With all the increased flow, each car is dyno tuned to optimize the Air/Fuel ratio. Since the Senna weighs in at only 3,029 lbs, it will have a power-to-weight ratio equal to many race cars.

Besides all, even the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission has been modified. It is done to deal better with the extra muscle produced by the 4.0-liter V8 engine. With that kind of modifications the McLaren Senna HPE1000 will the 62mph quicker than 2.8 secs and even to 186 mph. and now it will reach the mark line of 208 mph (340 km/h).