Mercedes Benz came up with the pickups known as X Class launched in 2017. These pickups already made their mark in the automobile industry. With the Concept X-CLASS, Mercedes-Benz gives a real outlook on its new pickup, the X-Class. The first premium pickup has the combination of pickup strength with two design variants of the concept car. But this is not the end. Another German brand Gruma Hunter alters the X-Class, since it is known as Mercedes Benz Gruma Hunter.

The Gruma Automobile-modified Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a genuine hunter. Even the pick-up’s color has been modified to go with the wild. The truck has been transformed into a huntsman by the German aftermarket shop.

Mercedes Benz Gruma Hunter

So, what basically they have done with the X-Class, the Mercedes Benz Gruma Hunter has added Bollards alloy wheels, a front bar, a side bar and a roll bar. These modifications have made the truck to go anywhere. The adventure-ready vehicle is also equipped with an underside protection and with a tachogenerator. Besides all, there is also a dog crate. So they basically developed the vehicle according to need of a hunting machine.

Well, for classic hunting vehicle, the Mercedes Benz Gruma Hunter has a rifle compartment mounted on the tailgate. It also got an Aqua2go Pro cleaning unit and a Laser Lamps Utiliy-80. Meanwhile, the roof is able to withstand the weight of the hunter, since it can be used as an elevated platform for better visibility.

To avoid any kind of off-road hindrance, the aftermarket shop lifted the vehicle a little more from the ground and put a front-end winch, to avoid the vehicle to get stuck in mud. There is little chance for that to happen though, considering that the pick-up truck also received especially-designed off-road tires and custom wheels.