When comes to new Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS, you have sparkling and innovative designed cars. This car certainly makes you feel a distinctive and Electric S Class. The Mercedes-Benz’s new vision of a luxury electric future is fanatically detailed and super-slippery. The all-wheel-drive EQS has the usual silver and blue design aesthetic as on other Vision EQ vehicles. Besides that, it appears as liquid metal, topped in black glass. Besides that there are thousands of LED highlights positioned on exterior in a digital “light-belt”. That also included the tail-lights and creates a spectacular 3D grille.

The super luxurious sedan is shown a t the Frankfurt IAA Motor Show. Mercedes says it “provides an outlook on future large, electric luxury saloons” using technology.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS

While, speaking about the electric S class, customers who no longer want to pump gas will need to step up to the EQS. Similarly, stylists will differentiate the two models by giving the EQS a more forward-thinking, LED-intensive look. Meanwhile the S-Class will return with an elegant, stately design that falls in line with the nameplate’s heritage.

On the other hand, coming to the interior, the Mercedes-Benz EQS has stunning front dashboard. It is equipped with integrated vertical vents and some delicate striping on the wood. There’s a gigantic screen that rises up from the center console, but there are also two smaller screens on each door armrest for various task. Besides that in order o have individual setting, each passenger has to use Mercedes Me login to access it.

Besides the LEDs, each headlight has four holographic lenses that can display static images and can even create holograms. While coming to taillights, there are 229 three-pointed-star cutouts, each containing an individual LED. It links both ends of the car together is a belt of light that runs around the entire car.

The Power

Other than the look and tech, the engine of Vision EQS has 469 horsepower and produces 560 pounds of torque.  Well with this power, the car will reach to 60 mph less than 4.5 seconds according to Mercedes. The battery pack with give it a WLTP range of 700 kilometers (435 miles) and it’ll support charging at up to 350kw so it can go from zero to 80 percent in less than 20 minutes.

Coming to DC fast charging at 350 KW, it allows a charge of the battery, supplied by Daimler subsidiary Accumotive, to 80 percent in less than 20 minutes. Using a Mercedes me Charge, the carmaker will help owners find charging options from renewable sources.  The concept flagship is made of a mix of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber, plus other recycled materials.