As, the food trends are changing in this modern era, so food companies are coming up with new kind of food for their consumers. Earlier, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are about to have some major competition. But now, Nestle claims its plant-based Awesome Burger is healthier than rivals. Nestle calls it Awesome Burger. According to the news, the food giant Nestle is poised to make a move that will bring the Awesome Burger to US grocery store shelves this fall.

So, to be remained in the competition, Nestle Awesome Burger is plat based meat burger. And it will be the company’s own version meat-free burgers that will be introduced in U.S.

Nestle Awesome Burger

Nestle’s Sweet Earth is bringing the Awesome Burger, another take on plant-based hamburgers. The veggie mix has with ingredients includes yellow peas and wheat. The burger had largely realistic juiciness and taste, but promises to be healthier in some respects than its rivals.

Besides that, the Awesome Burger will have six grams of fiber versus the three you typically find in Beyond and Impossible patties, for example. You can also expect more protein than a meat burger (28g versus a typical 20g), no saturated fat and lots of iron and Vitamin C.

The new product was developed by Sweet Earth, a California-based brand that Nestle acquired in 2017. “This is a great example of a small company being somewhat nimble and collaborating with a large company that has immense embedded knowledge in research and development, food processing, and procurement,” says Brian Swette, cofounder of Sweet Earth.

According to the co founder Kelly Swette, “The next evolution of the veggie burger, as the customer becomes more mainstream, is that the burger becomes more mainstream or meat-like.”