The world of luxurious touring now has a new name which is known as new Continental GT. With its shiny lines carving a sharp path through the air, this unique car introduced a new era of unrivaled power, delicate craftsmanship and cutting-edge automotive technology.

The team has entirely re-designed this beautiful car in its class. The new Continental GT changes the meaning and experience of what it calls a grand ride, whereas inside the cabin, it feels a new version or definition of luxury.

While in the creation of this new beauty and giant, the teams of designers and engineers have shown their magic, skill and everything which is a trademark of Bentley. The new powerful continental Bentley GT 6.0-liter, twin turbo charged W12 cylinder engine has been methodically reworked. This Mighty 626hp beauty weighs nearly 5,000 pounds matters far less than torque (664 lb-ft) able the car to reach 60 Mph in just 3.6 seconds.

The Beauty on the Road

The new Bentley Continental GT surprise you with both exterior and the interior design, the GT team carve and create the new GT with surprisingly long then earlier models, wide, smooth and low. Well the result is even more remarkable, impressive car with unrivalled road presence.

When it comes to the exterior part of this giant and beauty, the crispy and sharp skin tone outline the new Continental GT with regular R type GT, the heavy size gives you the sense the refined power, which comes from between the headlamps, while the wheelbase is long, and short front make new GT dynamic, the engine positioned low, which helps in maintain the distribution of weight and comfort drive handling. The carefully crafted new crystal LED headlamps, is defining the dynamic shape of the new GT, as it says, “newly designed elliptical lamps shine from within individual polished bezels – their shape reflected in the oval tailpipes”. Well not only this there is also a quite wide range of designed wheels as well. With the Bentley forceful drive and air suspension systems working together to ensure a refined ride.

The Interior, when you see the interior you simply say “WOW”, the crafting, designing, theme and positioning of the things inside the new GT takes you to next level. GT’s are always known for its rich, classical and most beautiful interiors, the shape. Handmade crafted seats with cow’s leather with more space and seating technology to adjust them according to your comfort, featuring 12 different ways of adjusting driver’s seat, up to 20-way adjustability. You can order the crazy rotating display, while there is a 3-sided unit mounted in the heart of the dashboard, you can rotate to reveal or conceal a 12.3-inch touch screen display. Provided with different range of veneered surfaces, the new GT can be commissioned with a Decorative feature such as the clock bezels and bulls-eye air vents can be commissioned with a new and intricate diamond knurling – a jeweler-inspired surface composed of myriad diamond-shaped flat surfaces.

Ultimate Driving Experience

The new Continental GT has exceptional power and thrilling, and yet it has a smooth handling. Continental GT is manufactured to change the meaning of grand driving. With four full loaded seats you can experience the drive that you have never before.

The new GT is equipped with the operating system which gives you the driving confidence, every time and day you drive this car. GT has introduced the active all-wheel drive system which ensures the driver to have confidence with power from rear axle. While it has features called as active all control, the body revolve with GT vibrant Ride, an innovative 48V Electronic Active Roll Control system. As the car enters a corner, it engages automatically, continuously adjusting the anti-roll bars. On rougher road surfaces, it constantly monitors the suspension settings and adapts accordingly, for a luxurious, smooth ride.

Now at new Bentley GT enable you to experience 4 different modes of driving, the first is the Comfort mode luxurious cruising, the second one is more choice of young generation that is a Sport mode, which for the most dynamic response. Then the active suspension and chassis settings are also altered, delivering firmer damping and more direct steering turn-in, for more agility and a truly thrilling drive. The Bentley mode provides the optimum balance of both Comfort and Sport, while the last mode gives full control and liberty to drive to make his own combination mode, as what the driver wanted to feel the drive can also store these settings for future ride.

Besides these luxury of driving features the new Continental GT is equipped with dual clutch system and provided with 8 speed transmission facility to ensure agile, smooth, fast gear changing and with the efficient fuel economy system, catching the top speed in 6th gear and with 7th and 8th reserved gear for ultimate relaxed and cruising tour. Then for the active response of new Continental GT during emergency, and for stopping power in extreme conditions has provided best and largest brakes on front axle, the slotted disc brakes dispel heat in effective manner.