The motor company Nissan has unveiled NV300 Concept van includes a mobile workshop. Nissan NV300 concept van has a 700Wh portable Energy Roam pack that runs on second-hand Leaf batteries. Now, you could power table saws, computers and other gear in the field without having to use a polluting gas generator. With the solar panel on top, too, so you can recover some power while you drive to your next work site.

The idea behind NV300 van concept is to designed for both professional and trip use. The Nissan energy ROAM offers a clean, sustainable solution for customers needing electricity on the go.

NV300 concept van

The concept van’s idea has been developed and created between Nissan and British design studio hardie. NV300 concept van has a bespoke wooden interior van that contains numerous practical and innovative features. The NV300 concept-van also comes equipped with an integrated portable battery solution called energy ROAM. It includes a weatherproof power pack with a storage capacity of 700Wh and maximum power output of 1kW. Not only that, it gives convenient, emission-free and silent power while on the go.

With a storage capacity of 700Wh and maximum power output of 1kW, this portable battery solution is a state-of-the-art energy hub for mobile professionals. The power pack can even be recharged using a solar panel accessory. They are placed on the roof of the NV300 concept-van – making it a truly ‘off-grid’ power solution.

The NV300 concept-van features a personalized load space including an integrated touch-screen computer, swivel seating on floor rails, space-saving bespoke storage and LED lighting in the ceiling. Besides all, the new NV300 Concept-van is heavy on the raw woodworking theme with unfinished timber lining the floors, walls and ample storage cupboards.

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