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Having an intelligent brain is blessing for men, so is the intelligent device like Pal Electric scooter. It is so intelligent that this scooter know your paths as well. A British design and a Chinese automotive and smart mobility firm collaborated to develop Pal electric scooter. Well it’s a collaboration product, this electric scooter is designed by Benjamin Hubert’s, LAYER, for Chinese electric vehicle company, NIO, and it also comes fit with an AI companion. All combine to make Pal electric scooter with smartness.

The smart scooter, called Pal, output of a near-future concept transportation. This product will address the growing issue of congestion in cities by offering flexible and convenient last-mile travel.

Pal Electric Scooter

Coming to its design and working, with a “mobile platform”, the Pal scooter uses Nio’s intelligent AI system called Nomi to become accustomed to the driver’s routes over time. This enable the electric scooter to drive your to autonomously to their destination. A modular, electric battery powers the scooter, which can be recharged in the trunk of any Nio vehicle or at the user’s home. If the journey requires more charge than a single battery offers, however, it can be swiftly swapped out for another.

The Pal uses artificial intelligence machine-learning to recognize common routes. The scooter links to the owner’s smartphone or smartwatch via Bluetooth, and from the phone to Nomi, Nio‘s cloud-based A.I. system. Once the system is familiar with a route, the owner can state a destination into a wireless earpiece and the scooter will take the rider home autonomously.

Besides that it has graphene-coated carbon fiber chassis and steering column are very strong and lightweight. On the other hand, scooter’s light weight adds to its energy efficiency because it can extend the Pal’s range per battery charge.

The scooter has a separate motor in each of its four wheel hubs. When you drive Pal by leaning, its pressure-sensitive suspension can vary wheel speeds to speed up, slow down, or turn left or right.

Moreover, the concept scooter uses a modular battery that fits in a receptacle on the scooter’s steering column. Well, the company has not given details about the battery and speed, but t each scooter would come with a home charger. And if one battery charge isn’t enough to complete a journey, the owner can swap in a charged battery for the depleted cell.