In modern world, many gadgets like wearable’s and OS developed to calculate the men’s health. Now the smart watches and other fir bit gadgets are being used to determine your walking tracks, calories burn in a day and other thing. And now the Puma has launched its Puma’s RS-Computer shoe, originally released in 1986, were way ahead of their time. For the first time, a pair of running shoes could track your steps, distance, calories burned, and running time electronically, just like your phone or smart watch does today.

Puma is keeping the look of the original shoes, right down to the sticking out heel and the colors. It says that they are called lunar rock, limestone and pea-coat. The new sneakers come with an accelerometer to track your runs.

Puma RS-Computer Shoe

The Company has re-launched its Puma RS-Computer shoe with the familiar colors and heel hump, but with methodically modern fitness tracking technology. The latest shoe will use a three-axis accelerometer to measure calorie burn, distance and step counts. On the other hand, instead of plugging in a data cable to sync up to number of days of activity data with an ancient Apple II or Commodore 64. Rather it will use Bluetooth to pull send information to an Android or iOS app. Although one that moves up and down to the original 8-bit software.

As the two versions of the shoe are visually identical, but the new release still tracks all the same techniques. The only real difference is that those metrics are much more precise than the original shoes. Because of modern 3-axis accelerometer that replaces the old rudimentary chip of the original.

According to Puma Officials, “The 2018 iteration has new technology but replicates the original experience. You won’t get to feel the joy of using a 16-pin cord with your Apple II, but you will be able charge the shoe with a USB cable”.