The electric truck maker Rivian designed kitchen in its electric truck. The automaker has debut a camp kitchen for the R1T, and it’s even powered by the EV’s battery pack. This is there to make the adventure and long trip healthier and depend less for food on restaurants. So with the R1T electric truck, you only need some glossary or whatever you want to cook. So, just park your Rivian electric truck, and enjoy the meal with your favorite drink.

The kitchen is designed to slide out from the truck’s gear tunnel that is placed between the bed and the cab. It features two burners, a sink, and storage for extra water.

Rivian designed Kitchen in its Electric Truck

Rivian designed Kitchen in its electric truck, it isn’t the only thing hiding it the truck’s gear tunnel. There is also another locked storage compartment and there is already storage space in the kitchen itself.  It means that, Rivian is catering to everything campers could possibly need. Other revealed add-ons include racks, vehicle-mounted tents, and flashlights in the drivers’ doors.

Furthermore, they have been working on some modular box systems to offer many different options for owners to find different use cases for the electric pickup truck.

On the other hand, company has unveiled a camper configuration of the R1T at the Overland Expo. The tent in the bed is not what makes this a cool camper setup. Rivian’s R1T has a storage tunnel between the bed and the cabin.

They have designed a prototype camping kitchen system with that fits inside that storage area. Even without the added kitchen, the R1T electric truck is an impressive vehicle. The firm claims it has a range of 400 miles. Besides that, it offers the option of gaining some of that range back as the battery charges downhill. The company also claims that it plugs into “America’s fastest-growing charging network.”