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The trendsetter in 20th century in automobiles, the most luxurious and prestige car makers Rolls Royce is marking its 100th anniversary. With the millstone the automobile has achieved, Rolls-Royce crafted a limited-edition line of Wraith luxury cars with jaw-dropping nods to the flight. Rolls Royce Wraith Eagle VIII is unveiled and it’s paying tribute to two pilots. This luxurious car will be very rare, because this two door beauty is limited edition with 50 examples only.

Before the launch at Lake Como, Italy, the company will reveal the story of Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Brown’s journey across the Atlantic Ocean. That was the first non-stop transatlantic flight in 20th century.

Rolls Royce Wraith Eagle VIII

Coming to the background, during the First World War, the aircraft was powered by two 20.3-litre 350bhp Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII engines, from which the new car takes its name. Just like other Rolls-Royce, as their name, the interiors in unique, lavish and artistic. The interior is finished in grey and black leather with brass accents, but it’s the detailing that’s key.

Besides that, the Brass speaker covers show the estimated flight distance (1880 miles) while brass is also used on the door panniers. Other than these features, the company comes up with the interior innovation. The flight path and constellations are shod in brass thread, while clouds feature a separate embroidered color.

On the other hand, the dash-mounted clock even receives an iced background effect, glowing green at night. It is designed to imitate the plane’s frozen-over instruments and the green glow from the control panel.

The special Wraith gets a two-tone light and dark grey paint scheme separated by a brass feature line. This scheme  is used because the flight was at night. ‘Translucent shadow’ wheels also feature, while the black X-pattern grille vanes are a reference to the engine cowling of the aircraft.