When many people go about grilling vegetables even on the stovetop they are really quick to turn the heat up and create a nice year along the outside of the vegetables. The big problem with a quick grilled vegetable dish is that they can often compromise some of the flavors that can be found in your favorite vegetables. What many barbecue enthusiasts are finding this year is that slow grilling vegetables can be just as rewarding as slow roasting meat. Here are some of the best ways that you can make slow grilled vegetables and why they are trending:

Zucchini the right way: Cutting zucchini into lengthwise strips around one quarter inch thick and brushing them down with olive oil and kosher salt can be an excellent way that you can slow grilled the vegetables. Instead of putting the vegetables in a 400°, turned on the barbecue is low as it will go and flip them around 3 to 4 min. each side. Make sure that the ends are going to brown accordingly and as a zucchini starts to look done you can remove it or place it on the top rack. Here’s an interesting recipe you would love to try: Baked Zucchini Stuffed with Chouriço and Cream Cheese

Bell peppers on the BBQ: Grilled peppers are a great choice for the grill but when the outside gets burned it can sometimes ruin the flavor profile. You can grill these peppers whole. Start by heating up the grill too high to put some solid grill marks along the pepper skin. Turn the pepper slowly on each side for 3 to 4 min. and turn the heat down to low. When The outside of the pepper has been seared, wrap it up in foil and let it cool down. From there, you can remove the parts of the skin that have gotten to black as well as the seeds and stems. The inside will be perfectly cooked using this method.

Brushing and slow grilling vegetables can be an incredible experience the first time that you try it. Keep in mind that many vegetables can often bear the same flavors you can find in most meats if you are willing to try out the process!