If you are footballer, basketball player, runner or athlete and you have the hurt or pull the leg muscles, you need to recover soon. So, for those who had these issues, use Spryng. This muscle recover tool is the ultimate choice. Spryng aims to quicken muscle recovery times and improve circulation, all in 15-minute bursts. It is an pneumatic compression wrap that helps improve circulation, athletic performance, and so much more.

Spryng mimics natural leg muscle movements to boost circulation and improve recovery.  This wrap leg tool is designed in way, which will be fit for the 95 percent of population.

Spryng Muscle Recover Tool

It is the lower leg wrap, designed purposefully to provide an easy way to relieve muscle pain. Besides that, it offers an affordable untethered pneumatic compression wrap to relives the pain. The Spryng muscles recover tool has multi-functions, besides being capable of relieving aching muscle; it improves the blood and lymphatic circulation. Not only that, it boots the muscle recovery and helps to achieve the better results and make you feel awesome as well.

The Spryng uses a technique called pneumatic compression. that has fundamental function to message the legs to flush out lactic acid and flush in fresh, nutrient-filled blood. As, it is portable, so you can carry it anywhere with ease.

While, talking about the usage, Spryng is used to avoid working out on poorly recovered muscles, leading to fatigue and possibly injury. Besides that, user can prevent fluid pooling in the lower legs, as it tends to happen when you spend a lot of time sitting or standing.

According to the makers with $189, the battery life is rated for 2.5 hours of active use, so you should be able to get 10 massage sessions of 15 minutes each between charges. On the other hand, the pads are fastened via Velcro, using a “one-size-fits-most” model, and they’re machine washable too.