The Taiga Motors has introduces its second electric vehicle, an Orca watercraft. It is a new electric jet ski-like watercraft with a 23 kWh battery pack. On the other hand, company says, Orca starts at $24,000 USD and it will be available 2020. Taiga Motors further said that it is building only 500 of them and the first 100 will be “Orca Founders Edition” starting at $28,000 USD.

As it is expensive, the gas savings can be significant for heavy users. Thus electric watercraft can be used where gas-powered boats are not allowed.

Orca Watercraft

While, speaking of its specs, it has a waterproof digital display between the handlebars, where riders can tap techs. These techs include GPS maps, LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radios, information from embedded water temperature sensors, and feeds from on-board cameras and a sonar unit.

According to company, it says, “Taiga’s electric drive platform translates seamlessly to a jet propulsion system that sends the craft flying silently across the water with precise control. Orca features a full carbon fiber hull construction, clean pure body lines, and a floating seat made possible by the absence of a combustion engine.”

Other than that, the battery allows the Orca to run for 2 hours, and user can enjoy the performance. Besides that, coming to its speed, The Orca has a top speed of 65 miles per hour. It has 134kW of power, which is about 180 horsepower. So user has plenty of power and time to have a fun on waters

On the other hand, the 23kWh battery can be charged on standard or level 2 (240V) outlets, or more quickly with a DC fast charger (from 0 to 80 percent in 20 minutes). Thus, the provided owners can find one of those near enough to the water.