With the football season fast approaching and fantasy drafts getting started all across the United States, it could be time for you to start dusting off your recipe book for some fresh football cocktails. Here are some top ideas that you can use to kick off football season by hosting with some fine spirits for your guests:

Vodka Superbowl Punch: By mixing together club soda, Limeade, beer and vodka you can create an amazing recipe for a party that is close to a margarita. Mix together three bottles of beer, 3 6 ounce containers of frozen lemonade, 3x1 L bottles of club soda and a full liter of vodka and you can produce a fantastic punch for your draft day or superbowl party.

Home-made lemonade: There is nothing better on a hot day then quality lemonade. A simple recipe for lemonade involves 2 cups of fresh lemon juice, sliced up lemon wedges, 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar. If you wanted to spike the lemonade with rum or vodka this can also kick things up a notch!

Ginger Shandy: Mixing 4 ounces of club soda, a bottle of IPA, 2 lemon garnishes, ginger and half a cup of sugar will produce a tasty shandy that is perfect they served in beer chalices straight out of the freezer. This is the perfect cooldown cocktail that’s also refreshing with the ginger.

Beer sangria: sangria doesn’t just have to be made with wine. A number of football fans started experimenting with wheat beer a few years ago to produce a specialty sangria that’s perfect for game day. Making beer sangria means mixing together white grape juice, vodka, five bottles of wheat beer orange slices, crisp red apples and seedless grapes. Let the mixture soak together in a picture for at least one hour and you’ve got a killer beer cocktail that is refreshing on game day!

Keep some of these cool cocktails in mind for your next football party or for your tailgate!