After introducing the Impossible Burger, that includes plant meat, the company is now introducing a fishless fish. The food chain is developing fishless fish, in response to the growing demand for plant-based food. The product will include heme, a protein from genetically modified yeast that was also used in the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods has already created a plant-based, anchovy-flavored broth, which is being used to make paella.

Earlier this year at CES, The Impossible Burger 2.0 was the overall winner. Impossible Foods, however, appears to be struggling to keep up with the demand for the breakthrough product.

The Fishless Fish

According to the company’s CEO Pat Brown, the fishless fish will also include heme, a protein from genetically modified yeast that replicates the texture, taste, and aroma of beef for the Impossible Burger. Besides that Impossible’s work has focused on the biochemistry of fish flavor, which can be reproduced using heme, the same protein under-girding its meat formula.

Whether fishless fish will have the same appeal as the Impossible Burger remains to be seen through, partly due to the poorer reputation of pork and beef in terms of production and effects on health. However, with 90% of the marine fish stock of the world already depleted by the commercial fishing industry, the need for fishless fish should not be ignored.

The project is part of company’s ambition to develop tasty replacements for every animal-based food on the market by 2035. Other than these, Impossible Foods also launched the Impossible Sausage, as part of collaboration with Little Caesars for the Impossible Supreme Pizza. It took more than 50 different prototypes of the faux sausage before the company chose the recipe for the new product.