The Royal Enfield Himalayan has received a complete visual renovate and the final product,Project Himalayan SG 411. Indonesia based custom house, Smoked Garage is responsible for creating this modification, and it is one of the most extreme makeovers that we have seen on the Himalayan. The design, looks and one seater makes this bike the worth to drive.

As they say, its simplicity, its lines, its forms, and above all, its compact simplicity make this Royal Enfield Himalayan a work of art. The team of artisans of Smoked Garage decided to resort to the military legacy of Royal Enfield and make the machine turn to aesthetics.

The SG-411

This Royal Enfield Himalayan SG-411 has carbon fiber lenticular effect rims and deliberately the spokes, are hidden. On the other hand, the front wheel is a relatively conventional 18 x 2.50, but the back is a chunky 14 x 5.00. Both wheels are equipped with Dunlop K180 rubber, a road-legal mix with a dirt track tread pattern. The brakes have also been updated, now has Nissin 4-piston calipers and double front brake disc of 310 mm in diameter.

The chassis has been slightly modified, keeping the upper cradle. The body is fiber and foam, and the headlights both front and rear is made to measure. With all this has been achieved to reduce the weight of 194 kg to 175 kg.

The Body

The biggest mechanical change on ‘SG-411’ is to the suspension. The stock 41mm forks are gone, replaced by beefier 43mm Showa USD items. The company used foam to form the outline of the bodywork, and aluminum for the final shaping. Resulting in the headlight and taillight are also custom made, to give an even sharper edge. While, the paint is a dark Army Green, with orange accents to highlight the unusual shapes of the bike. Virtually the only shiny part left is the custom exhaust system, with the headers given a few more curves than the squared-off stock pipe-work.