As the world is getting smarter and smarter, the things or gadgets are also becomes the likewise. Well many companies around the world are making their daily routine devices smart and friendly users. So is the Iceco, it comes up with super-portable fridge/freezer that looks as much like a digital picnic basket as an in-vehicle refrigerator. The handy iFreezer Go20 keeps the food fresh and drinks cold without the need for messy ice.

Experts say that Iceco brings forth the latest compact car camping gadget, this portable hand fridge is powerful device. So you don’t need to worry about the food and drink to be wasted along the journey.

The iFreezer Go20

It is an ultimate product that you might not need every day but an essential helper for your holiday for $399. The iFreezer Go20 is a authentic double side resourceful Fridge, with surprising performance and amazingly sleek design. Besides these features easy to utilize, vitality productive, and gives dependable refrigeration and solidifying to keep your nourishment and beverages cold and invigorating.

The company Iceco explains that its background includes decades of developing automotive refrigeration solutions for major brands like Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Volvo. The stylish, little iFreezer Go20 lands somewhere between large, rugged fridge/freezers, like those from Dometic and ARB, and slim, in-vehicle drink coolers mounted between the seats.

Iceco says that “max” mode will drop fridge temperature down to freezing (32° F/0° C) in under 15 minutes. On the other hand, it is divided by a central divider, each zone can be set between 0 and 50° F (-18 to 10° C). it can adjusted quickly and easily using the touch panel next to the lid or remotely via smartphone app. Other than this, the divider can also be removed, letting you use the full 20 liters as a single refrigerated compartment.

Regarding what this little, hand fridge can have, it is equipped an optional 62,400-mAh battery pack to keep the fridge humming outside of the car for up to five hours. That pack also includes USB ports for charging other devices.