The Can-Am announced its most advanced Off-Road vehicle lineup ever, including ride-enhancing changes across its Defender and Maverick lineups. The new Maverick X3 X Turbo RR machines now make a touch under 200 hp. The Defender line is getting an entirely new machine, while the Mavericks are getting revolutionary new technology.

Coming to this sports vehicle, it has more horsepower with industry-leading torque. Besides that the performance-centric Maverick lineup features enhanced performance and improved accessibility.

New Maverick X3 X Turbo RR

The entire Can-Am Defender lineup is redesigned for 2020 to do it all, more comfortably and quietly. Tough chores and recreational riding are more enjoyable thanks to a smoother and stronger 82-hp Rotax engine that pumps out more power when it counts, including an industry-leading 69 lb.-ft. of torque. And a complete frame-up and front-end refresh provide improved ride, durability, and protection for long days at work or at play.

On the other hand, the RR’s three-cylinder, 900cc Rotax engine gets a bigger turbo, an intercooler and a freer-flowing airbox. It is there to bump its peak output up to 195 hp and 135 lb-ft (183 Nm) of torque.

The new machine for Can-Am is the 2020 Defender 6×6 HD10, and the workhorse of a machine is built ready for action. The Can-Am Defender 6×6 HD10 offers unparalleled traction, impressive torque, incredible handling, and hauling diversity. Its 6-wheel traction can conquer the toughest obstacles and help the machine carry/tow heavier loads. Can-Am’s newest offering gets the job done, and is poised to be the latest and greatest utility vehicle of the New Year.

An all-new 2020 Can-Am Defender 6x6 HD 10 features outstanding 6-wheel traction to conquer the tough obstacles and get the job done. It is incredibly versatile, with a box that can be adjusted to perform tasks like never before. It is built to enhance the ride experience by allowing people to tow and carry more while traversing extreme terrain with ease.