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It seems that besides the vehicle, airplanes and motorcycles are going electric; the watercrafts are also making the electric debut. The Nikola Wav is the first electric watercraft made by the company is ready to hit the waters. It is inspired by the design of superbikes; the Wav is a wild looking jet-ski style vehicle. According to Nikola Motors CEO Trevor Milton called it the “future of watercraft.”

The Nikola Wav maintains a close relationship with its distant two-wheeled cousin, opting for a sleek, angular architecture, and sport-oriented performance figures.

The Nikola Wav

Nikola Motors is famous for its innovative electric platforms. It provides intuitive solutions for companies focused on creating a minimal footprint when it comes to industrial transport. The electric vehicle company Nikola Corporation has come up with a better water travel solution. The company implants a waterproof 12-inch 4K display in the dash to distract from all that tedious scenery.

To power the craft, Nikola has implemented a new adaptable battery architecture that was built from the ground up for the platform, as well as a waterproof 12-inch display that sports 4K resolution and quality-of-life attributes like cruise control. Pricing has not been revealed for the WAV, but the company is currently taking reservations for an impending 2020 release.

Besides that, there have been no details about the electric motors, the capacity of battery and other technical details. On the other hand, the company is already taking reservations for the Wav, but pricing and other specs were not yet announced. The Wav is supposed to ship sometime in the early 2020s. it basically a personnel power craft water vehicle.