Unity Technologies has a new game that you can’t play. The maker of game development tools is releasing a new title called Obstacle Tower that is designed to challenge the capabilities of artificial intelligence. The release of the title is being accompanied by a contest, the Obstacle Tower Challenge. This game will allow participants to run their AI agents through the 100-level challenge and compete for prizes.

It is important for the development and advancement of AI methods to have a good benchmark, so that performance and achievements can be fairly and easily compared.

The Obstacle Tower Challenge

Well the company says, Obstacle Tower provides a game-like environment for machine learning researchers to play around with and fine-tune their AI. The tower operates similarly to a standard platforming game. Each floor is a unique puzzle that requires the AI to time up its actions. Not only that it will make conclusive decisions, and perform specific tasks in order to advance.

The higher up the tower the AI gets, the more challenging the levels become. Just to make sure the AI can’t be programmed to solve a specific puzzle, the levels are procedural generated so they are never exactly the same.

The Obstacle tower challenge will test the vision, control, planning, and generalization capabilities of AI software. The Obstacle Tower Challenge will use a game-like environment of platform-style game-play with puzzles and planning problems inside a tower setting maneuvering almost 100 floors. The challenge will examine how AI software performs in computer vision, locomotion skills, and high-level planning.

The end goal of this challenge is to bring up new AI research and solve new problems in reinforcement learning. AI has been making great progress in conquering high-profile games.