Well, there are many men around the world, loves to eat spicy, juicy meat that is made in BBQ box. And its great news for them, Snow Peak’s Smokemeister is their ultimate choice. So, if you are BBQ lover and wanted to have when party is going on, make this your part of party gear. It packs the capabilities of larger smokers into a trunk-friendly package. The box has an easy setup once at camp for meat lovers on the move.

So, all you have to do to add some hot chips and coal in the bottom, stack your food and the smoker will take care of the rest.

The Smokemeister

This meat maker machine is inspired by a type of BBQ smoker known as a bullet smoker, or vertical smoker. It consists of pan for burning charcoal at the base. That allows the smoke to make its way upward through the cylindrical chamber. This makes it to cook and infuse any meats that happen to be in its way.

On the other hand, the Smokemeister weighs just 5 kg  and stands 47 cm tall, with a width of 22 cm . Thus, it means you can pack it easily and travel to your desired place. Besides that, there is separate stand is inserted into the stainless steel body. Where grills can be inserted at various heights depending on the kind of heat you want to expose your meats to.

The lid on top can also be rested on top at various heights. It depends on how much of that heat you want to lock in, with a clean-cut wooden handle on top to avoid burnt fingers.

So, with that BBQ Smokers are easy to install, simple to use, Self Cleaning, and you need no power. The burn screen allows free smoke circulation, and prevents outlet tube clogging.