It is considered to be one of the most favorite choices of bike riders for their adventure ride. Now the motorcycle company Zero, comes up with the 2020 electric motorcycles lineup and the hottest model is DSR Black Forest Edition. The company says, “It is the most capable adventure-ready electric motorcycle on the planet. Explore new roads without all the noise.” Besides that, the company added three lockable cases, accessory bars, hand guards and a headlamp cover to the DSR formula.

The Black Forest DSR is a special version of the DSR outfitted as an adventure bike. And you need to spend $18,995 to get the bike.

2020 Black Forest DSR

Before speaking the latest model, Zero has released its ‘Cyper’ operating system for the SR/F electric motorcycle. For that, the company has It included an updated phone app to provide better customization and connectivity options for the bike.

Well, it is announcing its al 2020 models will feature the updated app, bringing an upgraded level of connectivity to all bikes in Zero’s lineup. On the other hand, there are new color options and graphics on nearly every model in the lineup. The street bikes including the Zero S and SR received updated blue- and red-accented black paint jobs, respectively.

While, talking about the specs of 2020 Black Forest DSR, it has 157-mile range. Besides that the adventure bike his equipped with 7.2kWh, 82-mile battery, all the while adding more storage. Other than this, the company said that riders will have a 14.4kWh Power Pack to extend your rides up to 223 miles as well.

Besides that bike, The Zero SR 14.4, street version of the DSR, also gets the same price drop, down to $15,495. On the other hand, the lower power versions of each, the DS and the S, are priced at $10,995 for the 7.2 kWh versions and $13,995 for the 14.4 kWh versions as well.