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Well in world of men shoes, there are many more companies which are beyond count. But nobody is offering such comfort that Kizik’s handsfree shoes. Kizik, is selling the shoes that men just step into, without having to use your hands to put them on. These shoes have the feature of virtually invisible technology dubbed Foot Activated Shoe Technology. Kizik handsfree shoes offer the most ultimate fit, comfort and function features without laces, buckles, snaps or straps. There is an internal spring wire that allows for easy step-in entry that then adjusts to a custom fit.

Kizik shoes, a comfort footwear brand plans to improve everyday life through innovative design, the company has launched its original handsfree technology. Kizik’s initial line is handsfree sneakers for men- the world’s first smart shoe.

Kizik’s handsfres shoes

The design premise of the hands-free Kizik shoes is to simply adapt to the most natural way you or I would attempt to put shoes on. Kizik just takes that as its starting point, and its clever bit of engineering revolves around a titanium wire at the back of the shoe that springs back up once your foot is nestled inside. It’s the logical evolution of slip-on shoe design.

The Kiziks are friction-less. If you time it right, you can have them on almost without breaking stride. That’s pretty handy if you’re in and out of the house many times per day as I am, and the clean aesthetics make them unobjectionable to wear

Currently the shoes are available in two styles, the Boston and New York. They have modern, laceless aesthetic that simply transitions from everyday casual to professional wear. Kizik shoes are made with the best, premium material, including 100% top grain leather and a top of the line. With the  trade secret manufacturing process to create a sleek look that will continue to look and feel grand season after season.