The company has launched six new Traeger Wi-Fi grills all toting its WiFire technology. That enables the grills to be controlled and monitored from a smartphone. The entire 2019 lineup of grills has added connectivity. Hence it was earlier only available on the two highest end models Timberline 850 and 1300 models. The best part is that the most affordable model starts at $799. You just need to download the Traeger app and have access to hundreds of well-thought-out recipes.

Besides that, if users have selected a recipe it will automatically download to the grill and set the correct temperature and a timer. While the meal is cooking the app lets user monitor and adjust the temperature

Traeger Wi-Fi Grills

With help of app it will give users the notifications when the meal is ready or requires attention, like flipping over a steak. In order to keep the grilling experience enjoyable, the app will send notifications to user if he is going to run out of wood pellets before starting grilling.

The models of Traeger Wi-Fi Grills also indicate the size of their grill or surface area of cooking. For example, the Pro 575 offers 575 square inches of grilling space. These grills also offer temperature ranges that make them ideal for both slow-cooked barbecue and high-temperature searing. They use electricity to heat and burn the wood pellets, so they do require access to an outlet, or least an extension string.

Alongside that it also has customer support in the form of guides, videos, and manuals. In short it is not something any one can expect to say about a smart grill. The Wi-Fi connection (they call it ‘WiFire’) seems pretty useful.