Many people anticipated that the Tesla or Porsche Taycan is the fattest electric car but it not true. The fattest electric car is Genovation GXE. As, electric cars get a little bit faster. But despite the best efforts of other manufacturers, no one’s been able to beat the Genovation GXE’s speed record. And two years it first set a record with a top speed of 209 mph; the modified Corvette has gone and done it again. The car reset its record for the world’s fastest street-legal all-electric car, posting a top speed of 210.2 mph.

Well, there are fastest petrol cars, but no electric car to beat the GXE yet. The super electric car has improved its speed record by 1.2 mph already.

Genovation GXE

According to the details,  in an “aerodynamics test” supervised by the International Mile Racing Association, the car has broke its  Genovation’s own existing record to solidify its claim as the fastest electric car going around. On the other hand, the GXE can be specified with a dual-clutch 8-speed paddle-shift transmission. The e0car is equipped with even a 7-speed manual, which makes it a rarity in the electric world.

While, speaking of its specs, the Genovation GXE replaces the 6.2-liter V-8 with five battery packs optimized for power delivery. The packs are placed strategically in the chassis to support a 50/50 front/rear weight distribution. Those batteries power a pair of 300-kW electric motors turning a single output shaft for power in excess of 800 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque.

Other Specs

On the other hand, there is bit of modification, Carbon fiber is used entirely throughout the car. The front splitter, rear diffuser, and custom rear bumper are all made of the lightweight material.

In order to minimize the drag, company has swapped the big rear wing with a lower-profile spoiler. Thus it allows a smoother aero element took the place of the chin splitter, and the diffuser vanes were cut at a steeper angle. Bides that, the rake was altered and suspension springs stiffened to prevent the front of the car from dropping too far as speeds increased. Other than that, the power was increased by an undisclosed amount.