The Budapest-based Neuga Motorcycles has revolutionary change the style and design of Yamaha TR1 981. The bike started as a commission from Hungary’s best known interior designer. Just look at the bike, its solid black, with the exception of the chrome on the engine and the gold of the front end and the chain. The traditional color scheme lends a menacing quality to the bike, making it an eye-catching and head-turning work of art

The ‘981’ is a dark and luxurious Yamaha from the Virago family. It basically a single seater bike but the impact of the bike is too heavy to handle. While for the main stylistic work, Neuga machined up multiple little pieces, polished some parts, and making the ergonomics and electronics right for the riders.

The Modifications

This modified bike by Neuga has a 75-degree V-twin engine. The Yamaha TR1 981 is completely refurbished it and the parts are entirely swept out. The designer and the mechanics has changed everything, means the rings, oil pump, cam chains, camshafts, gaskets, and o-rings. The cylinder head was also refurbished, and everything received a thorough polishing. Well, Neuga didn’t only make changes with the engine. They also have upgraded the frontend, adding in a Yamaha R1 setup with an extra 100mm on top.

Well the Neuga geniuses used wider rims to get beefier tires on the bike. The back-end was redone, and a custom seat was added so that they lines of the fuel tank could be continued. The Yamaha TR1 981 has a new electric appearance. It has a Moto gadget unit at the core and has a new wiring from nose to tail. With its keyless ignition is juiced from a 12-cell Antigravity battery in a laser cut holder.

The bike has visible custom 2-to-1 stainless steel exhaust system, with squared-off lines terminating in a flared muffler. A stunning ribbed seat with just the right amount of length completes the look without drawing too much attention to it. The weak rear drum brake was swapped out for a more modern hydraulic disk system, and the mono-shock is also upgraded.