Well don’t go on the small shape of Amazon Echo Show 5, it is one of the best home buddies. Regardless of its name, the Amazon Echo Show 5 ($90) is actually the third generation of Alexa-enabled devices to pack a screen. It is designed for desktops, bedside cabinets, kitchens and shelves, it’s the most solid Echo Show yet. Besides that it also has some updated features that address the complaints with the Echo Spot. The Echo Show 5 is the best smart alarm clock available now.

The Echo Show 5 is not only a small alarm clock but has fully functional smart display. It’s capable of nearly everything that Amazon’s larger Echo Show can perform.

Amazon Echo Show 5

The little version has a rectangular wedge shape that houses a 5.5-inch screen and a single small speaker. On the other hand, the full-size Echo Show has more speakers that are better and louder. Besides that on comparing with the smaller Echo Spot, the Show 5’s design allows for a much larger screen. But its design is decidedly less fun and unique than the Spot’s cleaved softball-like shape. Users can get the Show 5 in any color you’d like, so long as it’s white or black.

This smaller home based device true entry-level d with lesser specs but this is indeed a more capable device. Coming to the price, it is affordable enough to treat yourself and pick up a second up as a valued gift.

This device has a chunky camera shutter that slides across the lens. For a device that will be installed in potentially millions of bedrooms around the globe, it’s an obvious and – in-use – very noticeable attempt to alleviate user privacy concerns. Coming to its functionality, by sliding the shutter, it shows bright orange tab, while the lens aperture switches from black to white and a notification pops on screen. That is there to protect the user’s privacy.

On the other hand, the shutter ensures you can keep talking to Alexa, or family and friends during drop-ins, Skype and Alexa video calls with the camera obscured. It’s a simple addition to Echo Show’s privacy features.