The revolution is world of best headphones is also evolving. For the case, Audio Technica Launches Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones. The development in world of Smartphone’s and LEDs is also happening in rapid pace. Keeping in view, what people wanted in the headphones, well two of the most wanted features in modern headphones are wireless music playback and noise cancellation. Because, no one likes to get twisted in cables any more, as Smartphone’s removing the usual headphone jack. The consumers are always looking for a wireless option and the noise cancellation mood.

So, recently, Audio Technica has announced its plans to fulfill these demands with three new noise-cancelling wireless headphones. The company is set to take on big in headphones industry with its new products.

Audio Technica

Coming to the three models by the company, the first one is new ATH-ANC900BT wireless headphones to take on the top-of-the-line offers. This wireless headphone has the mode for noise cancellation. And they are adjustable with the help of connecting to the companies’ Connect mobile app. The microphones present inside the headphones adjust to the surrounding noise.

Besides other, This headphone is with Bluetooth 5.0. It promises a battery life of up to 35 hours even with active noise cancellation turned on. It is considered to be the most major feature and is sure to challenge Sony and Bose’s wireless headphones. Well the last but not the least the headphone is highly gorgeous considering its biggest rivals easily cost more than that. The company claims these are its best noise-cancelling wireless headphones yet.

Not only this headphone, Audio-Technica also announced its budget ATH-ANC500BT over-ear headphones. Which offer up to 20 hours of Bluetooth and noise-cancelling. The ATH-ANC100BT was also unveiled, and is wireless in-ear headphones which allow for 10 hours of continuous use, and utilize 12mm drivers.