Audi has showcased its fully electric E-Tron GT concept form at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Audi’s E-Tron GT Concept Car is called as the future taste of vehicles. This E-tron GT will be the third EV from Audi to roll out after the recently launched E-tron and upcoming E-tron Sportback SUVs. it’s basically an early prototype of the production Audi E-Tron GT. They have changed the wheels tires to 21 inch; add door handles and bigger rearview mirrors as well.

E-Tron GT Concept Car has the radiant e-tron logos front and rear, and it will hit the road in 2020. The E-Tron GT sports car feel. When it runs on the road, it buttoned down, and wrapped around you. The car is also a genuine four-door, four-seat luxurious vehicle. Inside the car, four people can enjoy the ride to any destination.

Audi’s E-Tron GT

The all-wheel-drive (AWD) E-Tron GT has 590 horsepower and reaches to 60 in 3.5 seconds. The e-tron has top speed of 149 mph. The innovative 95-kW-hr battery pack, with additional cells placed under the seats, thus enabling a low floor and low center of gravity. The efficient battery delivers about 250 miles of range. And, says Audi, the 800-volt on-board charging system can bring the battery back to full charge in just 20 minutes.

While talking about Audi interiors, the car has a reputation for being special, and the concept suggests the production E-Tron GT will make you move. The steering wheel with a flattened top and bottom will be on the production car, although with real buttons not touch-screens in the spokes, and the tiny, touch-actuated door handles will be replaced by hinged items. The wonderfully rendered high-def screens for the virtual cockpit and infotainment systems are simply awesome. On the other hand, the leather is man-made, the seat fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, and the floor coverings started life as old nylon fishing nets.