Right now might be the best time in decades for motorcycle enthusiasts to buy bikes. The market is possibly full with a large number of outstanding motorcycle options, and the best options are the affordable ones. Among those options, we compiled a list of the best affordable motorcycles that you should buy in 2020.

This international collection varies from Italian stalwart Ducati to Swedish lawnmower maker Husqvarna, Yamaha, BMW, and more. Here is the list of best affordable motorcycles.

Best Affordable Motorcycles

To assist you to decide from the remarkably competing market of motorcycle options, we’ve compiled a list of bikes for beginners, experts, and cash-strapped bikers of all lines. Maybe most precisely, we’ve tried to keep the list of affordable motorcycles in the range of $10,000 or less.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 ($4,999)

Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

Husqvarna is possibly better recognized as the company’s line of power machines, chainsaws, and a variety of other outdoorsy gadgets. But Husqvarna’s motorcycle industry is flourishing, though not as you’d assume as the line was sold off decades ago. Husqvarna was competent in marketing off-road and race-spec motorcycles manufactured to tackle the world’s hardest trials.

Best Affordable Motorcycles

With the minimum off-road design, as well as an elevated and remarkably relaxed seating position, the Svartpilen 401 is powered by a 373cc single-cylinder engine producing a spritely 43 horsepower.

Royal Enfield Interceptor ($5,999)

Royal Enfield Interceptor

The Continental GT and INT650 are the first international motorbikes to come out of Royal Enfield in a long time and are all-new from the frame on up. Of the two, the INT650 (née Interceptor) is our pick for its elegant texture and overall styling.

Best Affordable Motorcycles

The air-/oil-cooled 648cc parallel twin and Harris Performance-designed framework are a perfect match, and the motorcycle also fascinates with its user-friendly clutch, good gearbox action. Then there’s the economic factor: At a starting price of $5,799 for the INT650 and $5,999 for the Continental GT, they’re a flat-out deal.

BMW G 310 GS ($5,695)

BMW G 310 GS

The GS is one of a few designs that produce the two qualities of commuting and adventure together, so if you’re interested in urban maneuverability with light off-road inclination (dirt roads), BMW ensures to have checked those boxes with the G 310 GS.

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No, there aren’t any real wonders with this new GS—it’s basically the same core combination as the more streetable G 310 R, offering a 313cc single-cylinder engine and six speeds, but with different wheels, steering head angle, suspension, and bodywork. 

Yamaha MT-07 ($7,599)

Yamaha MT-07

The MT-07 can run as a daily commute, a beginner bike, an additional bike, or even a track day bike. None of those things make it a price-point machine—it just appears to be well-priced. Last year Yamaha announced the FZ-07 is the highest-selling bike in its whole lineup, and that looks like evidence enough.

Best Affordable Motorcycles

This Yammie soldier on with the same cross-plane parallel-twin engine, elegant design, and good handling that made it so acceptable when it was just the FZ. 

Zero FX ($8,495)

Zero FX

The age of electrics is upon us, so why deny it? If you’re willing to take a leap of faith in e-bikes, some affordable (and upgradeable) choices are out there right now. Because Zero Motorcycles is the recognized chief in the US market as far as confirmed track record and extent of its offerings, so it is an ideal place to start from.

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In terms of horsepower, the FX is like a strong 450-cc dual-sport. But it makes more torque (78 lb-ft) than a Ducati 959 Panigale, and all that torque goes at 0 rpm. Luckily, the FX has an Eco mode, which dulls the noisy throttle response.