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Curtiss is planning to bring the two new electric motorcycle configurations to production in 2020. And these electric motorcycles do not have typical electric motorcycle designs, they are just Incredible. Among them is the Curtiss Zeus Electric Motorcycle, who’s pure and scientific design has moved the bikers already. Curtiss Motorcycles has presented its new dual motor Zeus electric motorcycle concept this year.

The Zeus concept is the first hint of what Curtiss’ all-electric future will look like. Keeping the styling cues of their previous gas-powered models, the Zeus is billed as the world’s first e-twin motorcycle.

Curtiss Zeus

This prototype motorcycle has two Zero electric motors coupled to a single drive shaft, known as the Curtiss E-twin platform. Zeus’ chassis was machined billet aluminum and used bolted frame members instead of conventional welding. The rear suspension used a center-line cantilever mono-shock, and the front suspension employed a four-link girder mono-shock. These unique styling combined to give Zeus a futuristic look that is unapologetically different from anything a motorcycle has ever looked like before.

Coming to this ebike, it has standard ICE motorcycles, designing around a gas tank and large engine leave very little room for innovation and creativity. The two motors working in tandem are good for 290 ft-lbs (393 Nm) of torque and 170 hp (127 kW). It seems to be the one of the most powerful electric motorcycles ever built!”

The Zeus concept has a 14.4 kWh battery pack today, but that the company is expected to enhance its capacity to increase by the time the bike is ready for production. A 14.4 kWh pack is already larger than all but the very largest battery option offered by Zero, but with this much power, that battery could go quickly. Production is slated to begin in 2019 in order to make a 2020 model year Zeus available to the public.